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Kawaii Characters

Sumikko Gurashi Character Guide

If you're a big fan of San-X characters we bet you know Sumikko Gurashi which literally means “life in the corner” and was first released


The Little Mermaid Cafe in Japan!

If you are a Walt Disney Pictures lover, you should know the classic movie Little Mermaid. With the main character Ariel as a mermaid princess

Kawaii Fashion

Sanrio’s New Moving Ears Hat!

All of you must know about the moving bunny ear hats that are popular all over the world, especially in Korea and Japan. In every

Kawaii Fashion

Pokemon Company Launches New Cute Socks!

For all the fans of Eeveelution we bet you'll love this news! The Pokemon Center just released their Eevee Family Mascot Socks on August 3rd,


5 Products Every Kawaii Lover Needs!

In Japan, kawaii goods is something you'll find everywhere, especially if you're an eagle eyed kawaii lover! Do you know what kawaii means? Kawaii is