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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogAnime Moon Characters: Top Five Lunar Icons!

Anime Moon Characters: Top Five Lunar Icons!

By Jamila Brown
September 11, 2023
A young girl in space as one of many anime moon characters.

It’s common for anime characters to have many elemental powers. Fire, sun, water, and earth often take the spotlight, but the moon also has latent powers. Anime characters with the powers of the moon tend to be calm and mysterious but also quite powerful!

Once the full moon shines bright in the sky, they receive an immense boost, making them a formidable opponent to their enemies. Plenty of moon-powered characters exist, so let’s look at the top five most popular ones and their fantastic abilities!

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon

First up is the iconic leader of the Sailor Scouts, Sailor Moon herself. Although the planets of the solar system power the other Sailor Scouts, Sailor Moon draws strength from the Moon itself to fight for love and justice. Her attacks have moon motifs, and they help her deal with her enemies.

Sailor Moon, sitting in the stars, as one of many anime moon characters.
Sailor Moon is one of the most famous anime magical girls in the world. Image via Rare Gallery

Adding another enchanting layer to her character, Sailor Moon’s Japanese name is Tsukino Usagi, which carries a deep connection to the traditional Japanese folklore about “The Rabbit on the Moon.” Her influence on the magical girl genre is unparalleled!

Lunala: Pokemon Moon

Imagine a Pokemon that can harness the very essence of light itself. That’s the legendary Pokemon Lunala for you! Pokemon Sun & Moon holds to its name as this legendary Pokemon rivals … with its moon powers.

The Pokemon Lunala, an enchanting character.
Lunala is a large Pokemon who looks like a bat. Image via Pinterest

With graceful flair, it captures and absorbs light, gathering its power until it’s a veritable supernova of radiance. Its transformation is nothing short of spectacular, an evolution that mirrors the phases of the full moon in the sky.

Their move list includes the mighty Moongeist Beam, one of the strongest moves in the game. As it casts its most powerful move, it transforms into an alternate form called the “Full Moon Phase,” which mimics the light and shape of the full moon in the sky. 

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Yue: Cardcaptor Sakura 

Yue is one of the guardians of the Clow Cards and the alter ego of Yukito. The symbolism of the Japanese kanji of his name, “月,” which means “moon” in Japanese, reflects his unique source of power, which comes directly from the Moon itself. His first appearance in the series was during a full moon, further showing his strong connection between his powers and the Moon.

Yue, from Cardcaptor Sakura a white haired man, one of many anime moon characters.
Yue is the Guardian of the Clow Cards. Image via Wallpapers

During each full moon, he grows stronger, and other characters cannot withstand the magnitude of his power. Some weaker characters even pass out in his presence. The bond Yue has with the Moon adds more depth to the character and elevates his role as a Clow Card guardian. 

Carrot: One Piece

Carrot is a rabbit character from the Mink Tribe and is well known for being formidable due to her strength and combat abilities. Members of the Mink Tribe possess an exciting ability that only occurs during the full moon. Under the power of the mom, Mink Tribe members can transform into Sulong.

Carrot Sulong from "One Piece", a anthropomorphized female white rabbit.
Carrot’s power grows with the full moon! Image via Wallpaper For U.

To achieve the Sulong form, they must have an unobstructed view of the full moon and look directly at it. Within a few seconds, their bodies drastically change, with long flowing white hair, a larger physique, and immense strength. In her Sulong state, an aura of electro-energy surges around her, preparing her for the battlefield. 

Clefairy: Pokemon 

Clefairy is an endearing Normal-type Fairy Pokemon known for its whimsical nature and adorable star-shaped body. Although much isn’t known about the origins of Clefairy Pokemon, they’re assumed to be extraterrestrials due to their affinity for moon-powered abilities.

A bunch of Clefairy (large Pokemon) playing in pampas grass under the moon.
Clefairy is a fairy-type Pokemon who originally came from space! Image via Corriente

In the evening, their wings can absorb and store the energy of moonlight, allowing them to float through the night sky, and can use powers such as Moonblast. Clefairys can also harness the energy of the Moon Stone to evolve into Clefable.

The Moon in anime is often surrounded by mystery, making anime moon-powered characters an unknown wild card. They are powerful but often misunderstood, longing for something more. Are there any characters that should have been added to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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