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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogA Look Inside Tokyo’s Sailor Moon Store!

A Look Inside Tokyo’s Sailor Moon Store!

By Sabrina Stone
July 10, 2019

Who doesn’t know Sailor Moon? It was originally serialized in 1991. The huge success of the series lead the animation to be broadcasted on TV from 1992 onwards. Sailor Moon was a huge sensation in Japan, then become massively popular abroad which resulted in the show being broadcast in over 40 countries. Sailor Moon has been one of the most popular animations in the world and there are huge fans all over the world!

With the anime marking its 25th anniversary this year, the world’s first permanent store for “Sailor Moon” goods opened Saturday in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku district. The official Sailor Moon Store opened on September 23rd 2017. Before the Sailor Moon Official Store opened permanently, all the stores with Sailor Moon merchandise were just pop-up stores open for a limited time only. The Sailor Moon store is located between the first and second floors of the Laforet department store. As you go up the steps, you’ll see signs beckoning you to visit.

The store is hard to miss, the Sailor Moon store itself is small, but the pink-dominated decorations immediately stands out. Did you ever dream of having a Sailor Moon make-up or a box full of candy with cute Sailor Moon designs? Now you can get it all in Harajuku!

There are so many kawaii goods here! You can find cute accessories here that related to Sailor Moon! Do you want a cute Sailor Moon key chain, Sailor Moon tape, or even Sailor Moon stickers? Maybe a kawaii tote bag? They’re all available here! Inside the store, you can find a range of merchandise from almost any kind of category, including goods like key chains, smartphone cases, books, stationery and much more. You can also buy some exclusive goods which you only can buy at this shop for a limited time only!

In the second part of the Sailor Moon Store, decorated in a nice, contrasting blue colour, you can also find more clothing and accessory related goods. Here you can find kawaii clothes that are shown in the anime, cute bags, jewelry and purses too! You wouldn’t want to miss visiting here because of the sheer kawaii-ness of this place! It will bring back memories of our favourite childhood show!

Do you like to collect Sailor Moon figurines maybe? You can also get them here! There are so many varieties of figurines that you can buy here! You can also buy Luna Pillow too! Do you want to cosplay as a Sailor Moon? Then, this place is perfect for you to get the goodies that you need to wear to make your own transformation into a Sailor Scout!

So, if you’re a die-hard Sailor Moon Lovers, you can go visit this Sailor Moon Store and enjoy your visit here! You may also want to bring some extra cash because we bet you wouldn’t want to leave the store empty-handed, right?! What are you waiting for? What would you just have to buy if you visited? Be a Sailor Moon for a day and collect all the Sailor Moon Goods here!

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