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Unko Museum in Tokyo! Yay or Nay?

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Japan has a lot of unique attractions ranging from kawaii theme parks, to character themed cafes. Now Japan has a unique Poop (Unko) Museum!

No, you didn’t misread that. Japan has an Unko Museum in Tokyo! But, don’t think about the disgusting literal poop, because all the poops in this museum are colorful and kawaii! The perfectly shaped, bright, and colorful poops will charm you!

This unique museum was originally opened as a temporary attraction in Yokohama that would run until July. But due to its incredible popularity, the opening of Unko museum is extended until September 30 in Yokohama. The Unko Museum has also established a new permanent attraction in Tokyo, which started on August 8th. 

So, what is in this museum that makes it so popular? Continue reading to find out about it!

1. Unstagenic Area

If you like to take aesthetic photos, then this is the perfect area in the museum for you! In the Unstagenic area, aesthetic interior and props are designed for you to be able to take instagrammable photos of yourself together with various poops, like the surreal flying poop and colorful shiny poop. Just prepare your best pose and you’re ready to be unstagenic!

2. Unteractive Area

Want to play some games? Don’t worry, Unko museum offers you this Unteractive Area, where you can play various crappy poop-themed games. They have stepping on poop projected onto the floor, nostalgic crappy games, and many more! Both adults and kids will enjoy the games and have so much fun in this area.

3. Untelligence Area

Said to be the academic area, you can see a lot of poop arts, such as poop drawn by celebrities here. You can also draw your own poop and look at poop goods from all around the world. Makes you wonder what they'll be, right?

4. Poop Factory

It won’t be complete to visit a museum without merchandises and goods! Unko museum offers you various poop-themed goods that are “produced freshly everyday” in the area called Unko Factory. Be sure not to miss them because you won’t be able to get them anywhere else! Who wouldn’t want some poop chips?

5. Crappy Arcade

Wanna play some more crappy games? Relax, Unko Museum has this poop-themed arcade games area for you to have fun with! For example check out this Catch the Poo-Poo Rain game, where you catch all the falling poops using your toilet character. There is also a sport game where you have to get a poop ball into your opponent’s net to score a goal. Hilarious, right?

6. Unberto’s Room

Meet Unberto, the guardian angel of Unko Museum, who is enshrined in this area. This mysterious room is connected to a brilliant cosmic space. It’s said that entering this cosmic space will increase your luck, so be sure to visit Unberto’s Room! All hail the mighty poop!

Are you interested in visiting Unko Museum? This museum opens every day from 10 am until 9 pm. The ticket price is ¥1,800, but you can get it for ¥1,600 if you buy it in advance. You can also check their official website to get further information. 

That concludes our talk about Unko museum! Who knew that poop could be this fun and kawaii? Yay or Nay? Let us know your crappy (jk we love you all!) thoughts in the comment section below. 

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