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Seven Tokyo Animal Cafes For Cute Furry Friends

By Thuy Fang
June 07, 2022

Living in a bustling city like Tokyo, you might feel tired after a long day of work and travel. There are many ways to unwind after a stressful day, but one fun and interesting way you might already know is going to cafes. As you may know, Tokyo is famous for a variety of unique cafes such as ninja cafes, prison cafes, maid cafes, and of course, animal cafes. 

So when it comes to animal cafes, the first thing that comes to mind might be cat or dog cafes, right? But actually, wandering around Tokyo will lead you to numerous animal cafes with diverse types of lively creatures, ranging from cute pets to wild reptiles. 

Still wondering where to meet and play with some lovely animals? Well, look no further because in this article, we will introduce to you the seven best Tokyo animal cafes where you can explore and play with your favorite furry friends.

Temari No Ouchi (Kichijoji)

If you love cats, Temari no Ouchi will definitely be an ideal place for you. This place is one of the most famous Tokyo animal cafes. Temari no Ouchi is located somewhat near the Ghibli Museum (about a 20-minute walk), so it’s always a nice stop for people after visiting the museum. It can also be a good alternative to the Shirohige Totoro Cream Puff Factory.  

Thanks to the lovely Ghibli-style design, Temari no Ouchi will bring you to a fairy tale in the world of cats. You will feel like you’re getting lost in a cozy forest with numerous cute kittens. Coming to this unique pet cafe, you can spend some time seeing and playing with around 20 cute cats running in a dreamy spacious area. Especially, feeding time is always the best chance for visitors to watch and take some photos of those furry friends.

Temari no Ouchi has various drinks and foods on the menu ranging from coffee to cocktails and snacks to sweet cakes. This Tokyo animal cafe will be one of the best choices for your Japan visit. They even have an iconic and delicious parfait decorated with extremely kawaii cat-shaped cookies.

About 10 cats feed in a line on a wooden platform in one of the Tokyo animal cafes that specializes in cats.
The great thing about Temari no Ouchi is that the cats can escape to the back of the shop when they’re tired of human contact. Image via Shutterstock

Capyneko Cafe (Kichijoji)  

Capyneko Cafe is not only another place where you can come and play with cats but also a great location to make friends with another furry guy – Capybara. Yeah, that’s right! You didn’t hear wrong. You can now see this wild guy as a resident of this Tokyo animal cafe. 

His name is Tawashi, and he’s living together with his nice cat buddies. Seeing these chilled animals playing at Capyneko Cafe while sipping a cup of coffee will certainly make you feel relaxed and comfortable after a long, stressful day.

Also, a special thing about Capyneko Cafe is that many cats here are eligible for adoption. Thus, if you think you’re ready for the responsibility and have a sufficient living condition to take care of one or more cats, please make sure to try asking the staff here.  

Animal Cafes not your thing? Check out these cute character cafes we love!

Mimi (Ikebukuro)

Is there anything more interesting than feeding lovely bunnies while enjoying your favorite drink? You can have this enjoyable moment at Mimi. Different from many other rabbit cafes where you can just watch those furry friends through their cages, Mimi uncages all the delightfully huggable bunnies to play around with customers. 

When using the service at Mimi, you will be provided an apron and a bowl of pet food, so be ready to play hard and feed any hungry cute bunnies. Besides bunnies, Mimi is also popular because you can also meet and play with some friendly otters here. It’s absolutely great that you can go around to hang out with cute animals or just sit and wait for some furry friends to come to you.

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Akiba Fukurou Owl Café (Akihabara)

Wandering around the noisy and bustling Electric Town “Akihabara” must make you feel tired. Why don’t you drop by an amazingly quiet place like the Akiba Fukurou Owl Café to chill out. There are more than 20 owls sitting gently on perches throughout the room here. 

You’ll really enjoy a relaxing moment when looking at those lovely owls. You may even feel like someone is protecting your calm moment because those owl friends will be keeping an eye on anyone as they come into the Akiba Fukurou Owl Café. 

The owls here are really diverse in terms of numbers, breeds, and sizes such as eagle-owls, barn owls, striped owls, and many small species of owls. Plus, you can take a souvenir photo in which you have an owl sitting on your arm. Plus, the entry fee already includes a drink and photo service. 

Looking for another cafe vibe? These theme cafes are great options for anyone looking for something different.

Kotori Café (Ueno)

Three colorful birds sit looking at each other while perched on a bar at one of the Tokyo animal cafes specialized in smaller birds.
This cafe specializes in small birds (kotori) who are free to fly around the shop and are a diverse range of breeds. Image via Shutterstock

Unlike the quiet atmosphere of the owl cafe in Akihabara, Kotori Café in Ueno will welcome you with the exciting and cheerful singing of many cute little birds. Most of them are colorful parrots from fresh green to sweet pink with exceptionally beautiful singing voices. 

Also, visitors will have a chance to gently caress these adorable parrots while enjoying a cup of high-quality coffee. You can observe the interesting behaviors and daily habits of your fluffy friend and you will also be supporting their well-being.

Inside the coffee shop, there are also a lot of cute bird figures and plushies which are displayed on the clear glass shelves. 

Feel free to take exclusive selfies of yourself playing with these cute flying friends!

Dog Heart From Aquamarine (Shibuya)

If you are a dog lover, Dog Heart will be the perfect pet cafe for you. Many cute dogs and puppies here will welcome you by lovingly sitting on your lap. Dog Heart From Aquamarine has diverse dog breeds ranging from big Golden Retrievers to small Toy Poodles.

At Dog Heart From Aquamarine, you can freely play with very cute and smart dogs while having some coffee. You can use chew toys to play with them or actively interact with them by joining fetch games. On top of that, dogs can be rented for 1 hour at this dog cafe, so you can take an energetic pup for a walk while taking in the beautiful nature of Yoyogi Park.

Chiku Chiku Cafe (Shibuya)

A person holds a hedgehog in both hands at one of the Tokyo animal cafes that specializes in hedgehogs.
The key to holding a hedgehog is to be gentle, soft, and slow. Make sure to put it down slowly too. Image via Shutterstock

Chiku Chiku Cafe is definitely one of the most unique pet cafes that you don’t wanna miss if you love little, cute animals like pet hedgehogs. This hedgehog cafe isn’t similar to other ones because you can play and pet the hedgehogs in lovely doll houses. 

In this Tokyo animal cafe, each kawaii (cute) little hedgehog is placed in one unique style of house or room of a house, like the bathroom, bedroom, or Japanese tatami (traditional bamboo flooring mat) room. In every tiny house and room, they also set up cute miniatures such as a bathtub, bed, sofa, and flower vase. Because all the rooms and houses are already furnished, your work is just to relax and watch the hedgehogs do the same in their own houses.

There’s a world of cute animal cafes out there waiting for you to explore. From familiar pets like cats and dogs to unique animal friends such as capybara and hedgehogs, the experience and memories you will make are definitely worth your time. 

Definitely try out some of these Tokyo animal cafes. You won’t just have fun with animals but you’ll also be supporting those in need. 

Please tell us about your favorite animal cafe in the comments below.

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