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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogCutest Theme Cafes You Can Visit In Tokyo!

Cutest Theme Cafes You Can Visit In Tokyo!

By Eunike
June 04, 2019

There are many anime and manga themed cafes that have opened in Tokyo recently. A few examples include the likes of “Kaichou wa Maid-sama”, “Shirokuma Cafe”, “Working!! (Wagnaria)”, and many many more! Who hasn’t seen a cafe in one of their favourite Anime/Manga and not been tempted by the food and atmosphere? Fear not! Japan has plenty of cute and amazing cafes with themes designed to satisfy this desire!

Let us give you a glimpse of some of the most kawaii cafes out there at the moment:

1. Gudetama Cafe

Who hasn’t heard about this guy by now? This yellow lazy egg is very popular all over the world! This cafe also has several branches in many cities in Japan and even outside Japan! All the menu items here are decorated with only the cutest Gudetama characters. Who wants to try Gudetama omurice just once?

2. Cinnamoroll Cafe

You can find this popular Sanrio character cafe in Shinjuku. We bet that you can’t resist but to take a photo of everything inside this kawaii location! The interior design and the food are very instagramable and popular, just like the characters themselves! Similar like Gudetama Cafe, Cinnamoroll Cafe menu items also are decorated just like a Cinnamoroll should be!

3. Alice in Fantasy Book

You might be able to guess by the name, but Alice in Fantasy Book is an Alice in Wonderland themed fantasy restaurant! Enter the magical world of Alice in Wonderland in the heart of Kabukicho, Shinjuku.  If you dining here, you can’t help but feel like you’re visiting Alice’s magical wonderland world yourself!

4. Akiba Zettai – Kawaii Maid Cafe & Bar

Sometimes to experience a true kawaii cafe you need to keep it simple and return to the roots… maid cafes! But wait. You can always make things just a little better if you add cute cat ears into the mix!  You’re almost guaranteed to have fun at this maid cafe and you even get to wear the adorable cat ears too if you’d like! A quick pro tip for you, If you’re planning to visit it, you’ve got to try their special omurice! Meow-tastic!

5. Barbapapa Cafe

This one might be a little more obscure to some, but it’s still undeniably cute! The French character is quite popular in Japan and the cafe has proved to be a huge hit. Café Barbapapa  is located a stones throw outside of Tokyo in Saitama Prefecture, but it’s worth the trip for the sumptuous lineup of sweets, sandwiches and drinks that all feature a variety of cute characters from the series. After you finish your meal, why not check out the adorable merchandise in the in-store shop! They’ve got everything from tableware, cushions, and even mini humidifiers!

6. Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty

This cafe is perfect for the Hello Kitty fan looking to only eat the cutest of foods! Here you’ll find the recommended item for the day will be the wide selection of cute and delicious looking pancakes they have on sale! Most of which feature decorations of either the titular characters bow of even her face! You can of course get ice-cream, drinks and other adorable items but the pancakes are definitely the main draw!

Bonus. Pokemon Cafe!

Of course we wouldn’t be able to make a list like this without at least mentioning the fan favourite Pokemon Cafe! Opening only early last year, this cafe has been a hit ever since! With every item on the menu being reflective of some of the most popular Pokepals. From Pikachu burgers to Eevee stew! Recently they will also be adding additional items themed to the time of day a Pokemon might be caught… you wouldn’t be able to catch an Umbreon in the day, right? So of course it only stands to reason that you can only eat the burger at night too! And of course, who wouldn’t want to have the chance to meet Chef Pikachu in person too, right?

If you find yourself in Japan sometime soon, you’ve got to try at least one these super kawaii cafes. It doesn’t end with our suggestions either, why not try out a pet cafe or even a horror themed one? The last one might not be the regular kind of kawaii, but all of them are experiences you’re sure to get nowhere else.

Have you ever managed to visit any unique and kawaii themed cafe in your area? Let us know in the comments below!

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