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Step Up Your Kawaii Lifestyle with These Adorable Animal-Shaped Drinking Glasses!

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Previously, we have talked about kawaii goods you can get to enhance your kawaii lifestyle, like the Pokemon socks, kawaii stationery, and kawaii accessories. Of course, they are all cute and useful for our daily life. But we can never get enough kawaii goods, right? This time around you can step up your kawaii lifestyle with these adorable handmade drinking glasses!

Manufactured by Goodglas for R&K Japan, these kawaii drinking glasses have double-layer construction that gives them an animal-shaped interior while their outside edge has the standard semi-spherical shape like the usual drinking glasses. They also use gravity to make the trick work, making the upside-down animal shape within the glass become clear before your eyes once you pour a drink into the glass.

They're incredibly cute, aren't they?

Are you an animal lover? Don't worry as this collection comes with various animal shapes within the glass. You can get a bunny-shaped, cat-shaped, bear-shaped, or even a Japanese legendary Shiba Inu shaped glass! Since the animal shape doesn’t form unless you pour your drink, the color of its coat will depend on the color of your drink. If you're drinking tea or coffee, you will get a kawaii brown animal inside your glass and if you're drinking milk, you will get a white one.

If you prefer a glass without handle, this collection also offers some handle-free glasses for you to pick! However, handleless or not, these kawaii glasses would be perfect both for your kawaii afternoon tea time. They're also adorable enough for you to take their pictures along with your kawaii food and upload them to your Instagram. So, they definitely are must-have for your kawaii lifestyle.

Below are some more examples so you can get your daily dose of kawaii goods!

Meanwhile, if you’d like something more elegant, yet is still as unique as Japanese Shiba Inu, this collection also has a sakura glass that shapes your drink like a cherry blossom flower.

Interested in these glasses? Well, get your wallet ready since the handleless glasses from this collection are priced at 3,200 yen (around US $30) each, while the ones with a handle are priced at 3,500 yen. If you are going to visit Japan, you can get this glass at Tokyu Hands Hands Expo interior shop in Tokyo's Ginza neighborhood. But if you don't have any plans to visit Japan any time soon, you don't need to worry since you can purchase these adorable drinking glasses online through Goodglas' official website

That concludes our talk about Goodglas' kawaii handmade drinking glasses! Which one would you like to get? Tell us in the comments section below!

All the pictures used in this article are taken from Goodglas’ official website. 

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