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This Restaurant is Perfect for Sailor Moon Fans!

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Calling all Sailor Moon fans! This August, Japan has finally opened its first Sailor Moon-themed show restaurant in Tokyo: "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -SHINING MOON TOKYO-"! So today we’ll talk about what this wonderful restaurant has to offer. 

Are you ready?

Shining Moon Tokyo is located in the expensive Azabu-Juban area in Tokyo, just like where the Sailor Moon characters live in the series. If you thought this was an ordinary restaurant then you’re in for a surprise! Shining Moon is a show restaurant where you can enjoy your food while watching a live Sailor Moon stage performance. In other words, you can experience the real Sailor Moon world by visiting this restaurant. Amazing, right?

This restaurant is only open for lunch and dinner, and each visiting time has its own benefit. People who visit the restaurant during lunchtime will be able to have a special menu for lunch, and the people who visit for dinner will be able to enjoy the 40 minutes stage performance and special night time menu. 

How about the menu then?

For lunch, you can choose between Pretty Guardian Lunch/Bento Box and Moon Prism Rice Burger. As for the drink, you can choose 1 drink among two: Usagi recommended Strawberry Smoothie and Mamoru-san recommended Iced Cocoa. 

You can also get an original bento box that you can take home if you order this lunch menu! Which one would you want to try?

The dinner menu has more variation. There are 3 foods available to choose: Sailor Planet Temari Sushi (Makoto’s Idea), Colored Somen  (Tsukino family standard), and Rabbit Curry!

Meanwhile, the drinks offered in dinner menu are inspired from Sailor Moon characters, which are Sailor Moon Pink Lemonade, Sailor Mercury Blue Cider, Sailor Mars Red Cider, Sailor Jupiter Green Nectar, Sailor Venus Golden Mango, and Tuxedo Mask Black Sugar Coffee. Now you can drink your favourite Sailor Scout-themed drink!

Several months ago, we learnt about the special Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary merchandise, and of course, Shining Moon Tokyo will not be a complete experience without merchandise to take home, right? So don't worry, Shining Moon Tokyo offers some original Sailor Moon goods! The price of these kawaii items ranges from ¥500 to ¥1,300. If you're a big fan of Sailor Moon, be sure not to miss these goodies as souvenirs!

If you want to visit Shining Moon Tokyo,this restaurant will be available by advance reservations until October 31st, 2019! Don’t forget to check your budget because the ticket price for lunchtime and dinner time is different. The ticket for lunchtime costs ¥3,500 per person (includes 1 food & 1 drink) and the ticket for dinner time costs ¥7,500 to ¥8,500 per person (includes show fee, 1 food, & 1 drink). If you want further information about Shining Moon Tokyo, you can visit their official website!

So, how does it look? Do you want to visit Shining Moon Tokyo? If you love Sailor Moon, be sure to take a look inside Tokyo’s Sailor Moon Store and mention your favourite Sailor Moon character in the comments below!

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