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The Most Popular Character Onesies in Japan!

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Everyone needs something comfortable to wear and relax in, whether it be out and about or at home. Sure, pajamas are usually soft and comfortable and sometimes just a t-shirt works, but what about something a little cuter and softer! Have you heard about “Kigurumi”? Even if you haven’t heard of the word, chances are you’ve probably seen one at least! Kigurumi literally means “Animal Character Costume” but in Japan they’re also known as “Disguise Pajamas”! If you haven’t guessed yet, Kigurumi is basically the Japanese version of onesies

You wouldn’t think it, but onesies are super popular in Japan, in fact stores like Don Quixote sell a wide variety of them, and there are plenty of specialist companies who make and manufacture just these kinds of clothes. One of the most popular and perhaps well known of those companies is called Sazac. Sazac was founded in 2009 and has become a leader in providing Japanese made onesies all over the world. We’re big fans too! That’s why we’ve decided on 5 of our favourite “Kigurumi” for you to check out!

1. Pokemon Onesies

First up we found this awesome collection of official Pokemon onesies fit for any budding Pokemon trainer or even just for looking great on your Pokemon Go trips! There’s a pretty wide selection too, so while you might not be able to find all your favourites, all the classics are here! As the famous slogan says “gotta catch ‘em all!”

2. Hello Kitty Onesie

Sazac offers a huge collection of Sanrio characters, but Hello Kitty has to be one of our favourites on the lot on the cute scale! A mix of classy pink and white, you’ll look super kawaii in this.

3. Disney Onesies

Japan is Disney crazy, so it only makes sense that you’d be able to find official Disney onesies here too. Coming with a surprising range of characters, you’ll probably find one that you love! Why not wear it to Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea if you ever find yourself in Japan!

4. Rilakkuma Onesie

When you think of relaxing, there’s one specific character that comes to mind, right? Of course, it can only be the lazy bear Rilakkuma! You’ll be ready to laze about anywhere wearing this super cute onesie.

5. Animal Onesies

Ok, so this isn’t a character onesie, but if you want something a little less branded then one of the biggest sections Sazac has is animals. It’s no exaggeration to say that you can find almost any animal that you’d want in their selection! It’s basically a zoo of onesies! Our favourites have to be the Shiba Inu and Owl though!

Have you ever worn a onesie before? How about after checking out selection, are you getting the feeling that you’ll have to buy a couple? We definitely think they look comfy enough for a purchase! Which one is your favourite though? Which one would be a must buy for you? Let us know down below!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

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