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Pokémon Sweet Treats & Snacks: Catch ‘Em All, With A Plate!

By James
July 04, 2021

When it was first broadcast to audiences outside of Japan, nobody could have imagined the iconic status these adorable Pocket Monsters would reach. Twenty five years later, Pokémon, especially Pikachu, are recognized all over the world. Avid fans, who maybe started with cards (are we dating ourselves here?) can now access almost any kind of merch featuring their favorites, from figures, to fashion, decor, to decals.

But who doesn’t love a sweet or salty treat? Let’s take a look at some of the wacky and wonderful edible Pokémon delights out there. You might be surprised just how Pokémon your diet can be!

Eevee Tail Apple Pie Frappe

Released in fall 2020, this caramel-hued drink is inspired by the delightful seasonal flavor of apple pie. Infused with crisp apple flavor, this slushy drink is both sweet and tart with a generous whipped cream topping, sprinkled with pie crust. But why is “tail” in the name? Because we saved the best for last: the frappe is topped with a cookie in the shape of Eevee’s tail!

For the ultimate Eevee fans, there was also the option to buy the Eevee-shaped fuzzy cup sleeve. Perfect for the cutest ever drink photo-op and for keeping your hands from getting too hot or too cold while sipping away.

Pokémon x Mister Donut

Pokemon x Mister Donut 2020 Collection

Pokémon x Mister Donut 2020 Collection

Mister Donut is all over Japan and the go-to place for affordable, delicious donuts. They often collaborate with big brands and even famous patissiers to create gorgeous limited-edition collections. In 2019, they joined forces with Pokémon to create this adorable selection of donuts, including, of course, their famous mochi donuts. There was even a spherical Poké Ball donut filled with whipped cream and coated in a shiny strawberry-flavored glaze.

Even though this collection is no longer available, not to worry, it’s actually one of many collaborations between Pokémon x Mister Donut. So some version of adorable donuts featuring your favorite characters are likely to come around again soon!

Pikachu Ice Cream Cake

Baskin Robbins Pikachu Ice Cream Cake

Pikachu Ice Cream Cake at Baskin Robbins Japan

When you’re a kid, the best birthday parties seem to always have an ice cream cake. Something about layers of creamy ice cream, a cookie crumb base, and icing decorations made us kids lose our minds with excitement. But who says ice cream cakes have an age limit?

Baskin Robbins (sometimes known as “31” in Japan), has a slew of character-themed cakes, including Pokémon. There’s the “Surprise Cake” decorated like a Poké-Ball, the ‘Pallet Cake’ which feature Pikachu, Eevee, Yamper, and Scorbunny, and finally, the most kawaii cake ever, a dome cake decorated like Pikachu. Released in 2020, the Poké-themed cakes have proven so popular that they are now part of the regular cake selection.

You don’t need to go far to get the best kawaii Pokémon goods! YumeTwins sends them straight to your door with our monthly subscription box!

Pikachu Puré Lemon Gummies

Not sure about getting a whole cake? How about some Pikachu-shaped candy to satisfy your sweet tooth? These pure candies are so called because they are packed full of lemon flavor for a seriously sweet and sour experience. Plus, there are 8 different versions of the packaging, all featuring the ever photogenic Pikachu.

Pokémon x Tohato Vegetable Salad Bites

Pokemon x Tohato Vegetable Salad Flavored Snacks featuring Fennekin

Pokémon x Tohato Vegetable Salad Flavored Snacks featuring Fennekin

Does vegetable flavoring count as a vegetable? These crunchy corn puffs are stamped with Pokémon characters and are the perfect crunch to go along with your next Pokémon marathon or Pokémon-Go excursion. Tohato is a hugely popular snack brand in Japan and has paired up with Pokémon many times to create special edition releases, just like this one.

Pokémon Noodle Cup

That’s right, even noodle cups have received the Pokémon treatment! Noodle cups were created in Japan, so of course, Japanese people slurp them up like no one’s business. There are even whole rows at the supermarket filled just with endless flavors of the popular instant-snack.

So of course, it came as no surprise when Pokémon released their own version of the classic dorm room cuisine, partnering with instant ramen king – Sapporo Ichiban. Available in soy sauce and seafood flavor, both versions feature Pikachu on the packaging, a Poké-ball-themed lid, Pokémon stickers inside, and, wait for it, Pikachu-shaped fish cakes! Affordable, delicious (and maybe a little nutritious), you can’t go wrong with this one.

Pokémon Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Japan (along with other Asian countries) has actually split Valentine’s day into two separate holidays. February 14th is when women give sweets to men, and then on March 14th, otherwise known as ‘White Day’, men return the favor.

Every year, companies rev up their chocolate game and create beautiful collections that would make a sweetheart swoon. Pokémon, of course, is right in the middle of it all and this year released several assorted chocolate collections. The one in the video above features Pokémon, Eevee, and Mew!

Pokémon Café Pikachu’s Genki Curry

Pokemon Cafe Pikachu's Genki Curry

Pokémon Café Pikachu’s Genki Curry

OK, we know we said snacks and sweets, but we just couldn’t resist with this curry plate from the Pokémon Café. Opened in 2019, this Poké-centric eatery has become a mecca for all Pokémon fans. The menu is filled with instagrammable sweets and treats, from cupcakes and lattes, to pancakes and curry.

This Genki Curry (‘genki’ means happy & healthy in Japanese) is based on the school lunch favorite of curry rice. It’s a pork-based curry packed full of veggies and potatoes, which are cut into stars, and is topped with a serving of rice, colored yellow and molded into the shape of Pikachu’s head!

While the Pokémon Café may only be in Tokyo and Osaka for now, you can still get a bit of the experience with this Marumiya x Pokémon curry which includes a sticker!

Always More Pokémon

Of course, with the popularity of Pokémon showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, there are always new snacks and sweets to discover, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Have you tried any of these Pokémon-themed snacks? Which ones have now been added to your must-try list? Let us know in the comments below!

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