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Pokemon Cafe Tokyo: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

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If you love Pokémon, then you have to visit Tokyo’s Pokémon Cafe. Everything from the food and decor to the giant chef Pikachu helps to welcome and immerse you in the world of Pokémon. However, there are a few things you need to know before going. We’ve put together a complete list to make sure your experience at this cute cafe is Pokémon-perfect!

1. It’s the World’s First Permanent Pokémon Cafe

Before the construction of Tokyo’s Pokémon cafe in the Pokémon Center Tokyo DX, there were only temporary Pokémon pop-up cafes around Japan. Despite there being several Pokémon centers, this cafe is the world’s first permanent Pokémon-themed cafe. As of now, there is only one other permanent Pokémon cafe in the world located in Osaka.

2. The Pokémon Cafe Tokyo is Reservation-Only

Before visiting the Pokémon cafe, you must make a reservation in advance and can reserve a slot on the official Pokémon website. They accept reservations up to 30 days before your visit. However, we recommend reserving as far in advance as possible to ensure you get the day you want because the cafe is very popular. Also make sure to arrive on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your reservation will be canceled. After arrival, you have 90 minutes to enjoy the cafe.

Chef Pikachu walking outside with a waiter behind him.

Image via Shutterstock

3. Pre-Order Special Goods When You Reserve

If you want the Pokémon cafe’s exclusive special goods, you need to order them when you make your reservation. You can only order up to three per person but they are worth checking out. The goods include adorable chef and waitress Pikachu mascot keychains and Pokemon-decorated plastic sleeve sets.

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4. Take Public Transportation

The Pokémon café is located in central Tokyo in an area called Nihombashi. As the area around the café is crowded and doesn’t have much parking, the café itself recommends taking public transportation there. The cafe is located inside the Takashimaya Shopping Center East Building on the 5th floor by the Pokémon Center Tokyo DX (the largest Pokémon center in Japan). 

The café is 5 minutes on foot from JR Tokyo Station, via the Yaesu North Exit if you’re using a JR line. Or, you can use the Nihombashi Station’s B2 Exit if you’re taking the Tokyo Metro Ginza and Tozai Lines!

5. You Order via Tablet

Ordering is very easy, even if you don’t speak Japanese. Each table gets a tablet with a selection of languages and pictures of the food to help you choose. Simply tap the food items you want and press order! The café staff will bring your food right to the table.

The Pokemon Cafes Eevee plate with an eevee rice burger, sides and a pokemon placemat underneath.

Image via Shutterstock

6. The Menu

There are a few menu staples you can get year-round at the café, such as the ever-popular Pikachu and Eevee plates: 

  • With the “Everybody's Favorite Pikachu Plate! (1,848 yen), you get a Pikachu-shaped omurice (ketchup rice covered in a layer of tender egg), and side dishes like the monster-ball-shaped macaroni and cheese. All of this is served on a Pikachu-shaped plate with Pikachu-themed sides.
  • If you’re in the Eevee camp, you can get “Eevee's Have-it-all Meal” (1,848 yen) instead. The plate comes with an Eevee-shaped rice burger and side dishes like a cream croquette, star-shaped French fries, pasta, or salad. The set is served on a cute Eevee-shaped plate.

For an extra fee, you can even keep the Pikachu and Eevee plates, so make sure to eat it all up!

The café also has drinks and desserts themed after many other popular Pokémon. The rest of the menu is constantly changing according to the season, but you can check their current special menu items on their website. If you have dietary restrictions, they also provide a list of the allergens in their food for you to check.

7. Say Hello to Chef Pikachu or Eevee

Keep your eyes peeled for a sight of Chef Pikachu or Eevee. These two adorable Pokémon performers wander through the café at random times to greet guests, around 6-8 times per day.

Just imagine the Insta-worthy photos with one of the cutest electric-type Pokemon and one of the cutest normal types in adorable chef costumes.

8. The Pokémon Cafe is Pricey But Totally Worth It

While a typical drink at a café in Tokyo might cost anywhere from 200 to 700 yen, at the Pokémon café, drink prices range from 660 yen to 1760 yen. Likewise, the meals are more expensive than the usual café prices. While the café offerings are more expensive than you might expect, you are paying for the experience as much as the meal. If you’re a die-hard Pokémon fan, we think you’ll agree it’s worth it, though!

Chef Pikachu and Waitress Pikachu plushies on a shelf.

Image via Shutterstock

9. You Get Free Things

There are a few extra perks to eating at the Pokémon café! All food and drink orders come with a free Pokémon placemat for you to keep. On top of that, you get a free coaster when you order a drink! To determine the kind of coaster you get, you get to play a game of luck on the ordering tablet. However, not all drinks come with a coaster, so make sure to check before you order.

10. …And the Chance to Buy Exclusive Merch

If you missed the chance to pre-order the special goods, you can still buy plenty of cute café-exclusive merch like Chef Pikachu plushies, Pokeball mugs, and more at the cafe’s shop before you leave.

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

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