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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogEverything You Need to Know About Gudetama Cafe!

Everything You Need to Know About Gudetama Cafe!

By Sabrina Stone
August 07, 2019

Gudetama is just too kawaii and we can’t seem to get enough of him! This lazy egg always thinks that everything is such a pain (in Japanese: mendokusai) and has no motivation for doing anything. Well, obviously since his name comes from Japanese onomatopoeia of “Gudegude” which means ‘dead drunk’ and “Tama” that is taken from the word of egg in Japanese, “Tamago”. Perhaps, everyone can relate to Gudetama that sometimes we feel too lazy to do anything and his adorable shape steals the hearts of many people.

The Cafe

If you are a big fan of Gudetama and happen to stroll around Osaka, you may take this chance to meet him by visiting the Gudetama Cafe. Near Umeda Station, there’s a shopping center named “HEP FIVE” which is easy to be noticed by its famous giant Red Ferris Wheel. Heading out to the seventh floor, you will be seeing a restaurant covered in drawings of Gudetama with his usual lazy poses and everything-yellow throughout the walls.

Going to the inside of this cafe, you will see Gudetama stuff all around you such as plushies, figures, banners, and even egg-shaped chairs! Once you take a seat, you can notice the Gudetama drawing sketch attached on your table. Cuteness overload, isn’t it? FYI, they’re selling Gudetama-shaped food and beverages with price range from JPY 550 to JPY 1.200.

Food and Drink Menu

One of their signature dish is the Gudetama Curry Rice. It’s a yellow rice that is shaped with Gudetama’s usual lazy pose with bacon as the ‘blanket’, dipped in a curry sauce as the “bed”. It’s too cute to be eaten, isn’t it? You can also see his little butt sticking out from beneath the bacon, which makes this dish even more adorable. This delicious Gudetama curry rice costs JPY 1000, excluding the tax.

Another dish you can give it a try is Fettuccine Pasta in the Nagai Mono Ni Makaretai (meaning: (I-want-to-be-wrapped-up-in-something-long) which costs JPY 1200. They put the sunny side up egg on top with the Gudetama garnish on the yolk to show him up. You can also try to save Gudetama from getting trapped in Jiyu Ni Naritai Onigiri Set Meal (meaning: I-want-to-be-free) along with the soup and chicken karaage as side dishes…..or actually, Gudetama will be trapped in our stomach then? 😂

For the drinks, we recommend you to try the Gudetama Latte Art with adorable phrases such as: “Don’t look at me”, “So troublesome..”, and “Sigh”. Yup, there are various phrases in this Latte art, but you can’t choose the phrase for your Latte. Sigh, what a pain..

Dessert Menu

Looking for some sweets? You can also order some desserts one their menu. One of the most popular desserts from Gudetama Cafe is Gudetama Mont Blanc Pudding which costs JPY 650. But if you’re looking for desserts which are more Japanese, you can try this Castella Anmitsu Set (JPY 1200) which includes the Castella sponge cake with Kanten jelly topped with fruits, dango, ice cream, and brown sugar syrup.

Photo: DigJapan

Have you ever tried a bacon on your dessert? You might wanna try this French Toast in the Samu (JPY 1300), serving an ice cream on top of the french toast and bacon as the garnish. But well, the bacon itself is actually made from chocolate, not the real bacon 😝 Another dish we would like to recommend you is Gudetama Pudding Parfait which costs JPY 1100. It’s a pudding parfait that made from mango juice, paired with a soft ice cream, banana, raspberry, and thin crepe.

Photo: DigJapan

Are you feeling hungry now? Hurry and visit Gudetama Cafe now, you can also buy Gudetama merchandises at the front area of this cafe. They’re selling plushies, key chains, towels, and many more!

Cafe Information:

Gudetama Cafe | ぐでたまかふぇ

Address: HEP FIVE 7F

5-15 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Hours: 11:00am-10:30pm (LO 10:00pm)


5-min walk from Subway Umeda Station (Midosuji Line)

3-min walk from Hankyu Umeda Station

5-min walk from Hanshin Main Line Umeda Station

8-min walk from JR Osaka Station

Website (Japanese only):

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