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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogTop 5 Japanese Goodies for Dogs!

Top 5 Japanese Goodies for Dogs!

By admin
June 19, 2019

We all know that the Japanese are crazy about pets, especially dogs and cats. There’s no other place where you’ll ever find the same amount of goodies for pets only. Bags, cages, varieties of snacks, clothes, strollers and so much more. Japanese spend at least $90 a month only on grooming their pets! They really highlight their love and affection for their pets through everything they do for them, which is absolutely great! Japan is really the only place to see dogs being carried in purses with clips and hair ties, unique haircuts and crazy dyed dog hairs.

Dog goodies in Japan are endless, but here’s our 5 must have Japanese goodies for your dogs to enjoy!

1. OPPO Foodball

This food bowl is specially designed to maintain your dog’s health. To teach them food manners and for their own well-being in general. Foodball is a ball-like feeding bowl designed to slow down the eating of your dog through the inside divisions; to help prevent indigestion. The product has a rounded base and is weighted at the base to keep it from rolling and tipping over as your pet munchies. The price is about 3000 yen and there are several sizes and colors to choose from. Side note: for an easy cleaning, you can take it apart. There are two designs and one is known as the OPPO Foodball Open, which has a larger top and is shallower for easier access. They both serve the same purpose, but you can buy either depending on the type of dog.

2. Tamago Boro

You are bound to find Tamago Boro in any pet shops you may be visiting in Japan. Tamago Boro translates into Egg Biscuits which are literally made from very basic ingredients. Even you can enjoy the taste! However, these egg biscuits are treats for your dogs; they are very mild and sweet, soft, and crush easily. My dog absolutely loves them, to the point that he knows it’s time for some Tamago Boro every time I open the packet ends up running around in anticipation!! While the most popular flavor is just plain/ sweet Tamago Boro, many stores sell other flavors for your dog to enjoy such as blueberry or green tea! They can even be purchased online! This treat provides calcium to help support growth too, as an extra bonus. There are many companies which make them, however, they all generally taste the same and are made specially for dogs to eat (so make sure you buy those ones).

3. OPPO Ketori

OPPO Ketori is a tool made for the unique collection and cleaning up of pet hair. Because of all your furry friends, this tool is great to keep your home clean and fur free. This can be used on carpets, sofas, car seats and much more! The pointed tip is also very convenient for tight, hard to reach spots. The gap at the bottom opens just like a ‘mouth’ when you squeeze it and can ‘swallow’ the hair gathered inside. You wouldn’t think it but this multi-use item can be used for your pets as a chewing toy as well! It’s small but gets the job done and you’re no longer going to have to breathe in the fur, just enjoy the cute pups instead.

4. OPPO Quack

Quack is a new, unique designed muzzle for dogs that will change the traditional ones completely! This is new, much more gentle, and finally a product that might not be hated by your dog! Although putting muzzles on your dog can be seen as sad or some people think of it as cruel, it may be necessary to avoid them eating random things when you take them for a walk. The design is very open, so your dog has more room to breathe properly and drink water without taking it off. The material is silicone which makes it much softer, more comfortable, and lowers the strain on your dog. It comes at a reasonable price, in several sizes and in few colors! Also, it makes a great chewing toy and doesn’t look like a punishment! Hopefully this way your pup can walk without nibbling on dangerous items but not feel like their being told off.

5. Japanese Clothes – Kimonos and Hakamas

There are so many options for pet clothes, whether it’s for Halloween or just for fun. You’ll find endless designs for your pets; quality, clothing, themes etc. You’ll find shirts, skirts, jackets, depending on the season, I mean it’s just like clothes shopping for your pets! There’s a huge variety on the market for dogs and cats, but the Kimono, a traditional Japanese garment is going to make your pet look even more adorable and different. It’s unique, cultural and always cute! Order many designs online or buy them in your local pet shops if they have them in stock.

There are hundreds, if not thousands more items we could have put on this list, but we had to narrow it down to just a few. What do you think, though? Have you seen anything similar where you live? Maybe there are some unique, kawaii items from your country for your beloved pets! As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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