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Top 5 Japanese Goodies For Cats!

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There's no other place like Japan for finding a crazy variety of products for your pets. Japanese people are all about animals, particularly cats and dogs! Raising a pet in Japan is definitely not cheap though; annual vaccinations, monthly grooming and daily toys. You can find bags, clothes, strollers and so much more for your pet. The nice thing, however, is that you are bound to discover some unique, comparatively cheap and good quality products for your beloved pet.

Cat goodies in Japan are endless too, but here’s our 5 must have Japanese goodies for your cats to enjoy!

1.  Nyagomidokoro

Nyagoidokoro have been making original cat products for the past 10 years and sell their cat goods online on Etsy, Amazon, on their own website and many other platforms. The Japanese cat toys are made with silvervine which is a natural alternative to catnip that can make your cat “drunk”. Silvervine is very popular and commonly used for cart toys in Japan. It is safe and your cat will never let go of the toy once they have it. Nyagomidokoro’s products are safe, durable and very cute!

2. Kurukuru Chocho Flying Butterfly Cat Toy 

This cat toy is a great way to keep your pet entertained all the time! The fake butterfly attached to the toy not only spins around but also flutters. The toy runs on batteries, keeping you hands free, and sits perfectly on the floor. You do have the option to hold it like a stick and interact with your cat yourself if you want though! It makes an ideal toy for your cat to play with. 

3. Tsutsu Neko Cat Toy

This is a very amusing toy for both kids and pets! It is a very simple, addictive kind of fun. You simply stand the cylinder up on the floor, and when the cat is touched it rapidly goes back inside the cylinder; after a few fast seconds it comes up again with a meow. Your cat will definitely be very fascinated and amused, but then you might be too!

4. Kitan Club Cat Cap

A great way to make your pet even more adorable! It is made with animal-safe polyester, they are soft, durable and of the highest quality. The caps come in several styles and colors, so don’t hesitate to get your kitty to try one! 

5. Necoichi Cat-headed Scratcher Bed

Necoichi is all about the best quality of life for cats! This is a two-in-one bed and scratcher, made specially with the well-being of the cat in mind. Great for napping and scratching all in one spot. It is chemical-free and non-toxic, and something your cat will definitely appreciate more than a regular bed.

What do you think of our selections? There are literally hundreds of thousands of cat toys out there but we had to narrow it down to something, so we hope you liked our picks and maybe learnt of some new toys for your precious pets! Which one is your favourite? What's your cats current fave toy? Let us know as always in the comments below!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

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