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Japanese Decor on Christmas You Need To Try!

By Thuy Fang
December 28, 2022
A woman decorating a Christmas tree while wearing red reindeer antlers.

Do you think Japanese decor is awesome and adorable during the holidays? Well, you’ll find that there are many similarities between Japan and the West regarding Christmas decor! Let’s find out if any Japanese home decor shows off Christmas in Japan!

Japanese Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments hanging on pine trees are essential to creating a festive atmosphere you cannot miss during Christmas in Japan. Japanese decorations are very diverse, ranging from shape to design. 

A brightly colored pile of Japanese decor-style Christmas ornaments.
Christmas ornaments come in all shapes and sizes! Image via Shutterstock

In Japan, you’ll quickly see a variety of traditional Christmas decorations like glittering colorful globe ornaments, hanging white snowflakes, or kawaii Santa Claus figurines. Moreover, you can also find many other ornaments that work well with Japanese decor. 

Japanese-style ornaments are as varied in shape as the typical ones, but the most common is the flat round. They are usually wooden, which gives them a vintage look. This Japanese decor often has undertone colors and Japanese motifs like Mt. Fuji, cherry blossom trees, sushi, or Japanese castles.

Christmas Snow Globe 

Snow Globes are also very popular Christmas home decorations in Japan. Actually, not only at Christmas,  but the Japanese also love to display these sparkling glass balls in their houses daily. 

Snow globes come in many styles and designs. In addition to familiar Christmas characters such as reindeer, snowmen, or Santa Claus, we also have Disney-themed ones!

A bunch of Christmas snow globes, mainly featuring metallic green Christmas trees. They are a major part of Japanese decor during the holiday season.
Snow globes can feature many cute characters! Image via Shutterstock

Disney snow globes feature Mickey Mouse, while Sanrio ones feature Hello Kitty! These snow globes often have lights and music attached. These unique features will help your home have a festive atmosphere.

In addition, the snowball versions of famous scenic spots in Japan will also be a great idea to decorate your home during Christmas and this year’s end. You can visit tourist attractions in Japan and easily buy these globes as great souvenirs.

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Japanese Decor Table Runner 

Cozy meals with family and loved ones are essential elements of the Christmas season. Therefore, the elegantly decorated dining area becomes the highlight of the house and attracts all the attention of family members and guests to the Christmas party.

A Christmas table runner featuring pine needles, red berries and a martini glass with a Christmas tree cookie inside.
Table runners are simple and versatile! Image via Shutterstock

One of the groundbreaking ways to decorate a Japanese-style Christmas table that you must try is setting up a Japanese table runner, a long, thin tablecloth!

With harmonious colors and countless distinctive patterns presenting the Japanese art of Japanese-style table runners, the dishes on the table will all stand out in festive meals. Significantly, this table decoration will create an interesting cross-cultural feeling for diners enjoying Christmas cakes with a cup of hot tea.

Christmas Cards: DIY Japanese Decor

You might think that Christmas cards are only for friends or relatives. However, in Japan, people also put these cards in a conspicuous place in the house to welcome the Christmas atmosphere. Most Christmas cards in Japan are filled with festive colors and come with lights and Christmas music/melody. 

A pair of hands decorating a Christmas card with blue and green origami Christmas trees.
Christmas cards are one of the most common DIY holiday projects. Image via Shutterstock

In addition, we cannot help but mention the Japanese 3D-pop up cards. Opening these cards gives the viewer the feeling of watching an architectural miniature. These cards also include a variety of winter and Christmas versions. The meticulous and precise details will make you want to display them in your room. 

Gingerbread Houses

People in Japan love DIY items and decorations, so Christmas gingerbread houses in their homes are not uncommon. Every Christmas season, big supermarkets in Japan like Muji or Costco will sell essential tools and ingredients so that customers can quickly build their gingerbread projects during the holiday!

A red kokeshi doll next to a gingerbread house with the words "I love you" written in Japanese.
Gingerbread houses are delicious and fun to make! Image via Shutterstock

Do you want to spend time with family or friends during the Christmas season? Assembling a gingerbread house is a perfect activity for you to enjoy with them!

Origami Crafts

Origami is an effortless and inexpensive Christmas decoration for those who like to make crafts. With colorful and unique washi paper, you can fold it yourself into a Christmas ornament with your favorite designs or some cute little paper Christmas trees to display on the dining table and bookshelf. 

A table with Christmas origami featuring Santa Claus and Christmas trees.
Origami is very easy to make and offers a world of creativity! Image via Shutterstock

This wonderful Christmas decoration will help you reduce stress and spark creativity, so why not try it?

With all these suggestions for Christmas Japanese decor, are you ready to rock it and revamp your home for this holiday season?

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