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Gudetama Talking Plushie is Unnervingly Cute!

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It's an exciting week for kawaii Japanese characters with San-x announcing it's brand new character Hamipa earlier this week, and now it's Sanrio's time to shine with news of new Gudetama goods! We've featured all about Gudetama before here, but for those new to the kawaii Japanese character circle, Gudetama is basically… a cute lazy egg! When it comes to cute plushies, squishies and the usual merch, Gudetama is everywhere, but this time Sanrio has taken a more interesting turn with a talking, moving Gudetama plushie!

Now Gudetama being a lazy egg it's no surprise that they spend most of their time sleeping, and lying on their side with a blanket made of bacon we've no doubt that that is what this egg intends to do~ So when you shake Gudetama from their slumber Gudetama will wiggle his legs and proclaim something along the lines of "I'm sleeping!!" in Gudetama/Japanese hybrid language.

Poke Gudetama's tummy and again they'll wiggle their legs but this time make a more vocal protest of "Ha-ha-ha.. Stop it!! Stop it!!" whilst giggling. As an added bonus if you press the switch on Gudetama's bottom, they'll sing a funny song!

There aren't many details on the specifics as of yet, but from the size of the hand in the animations, we're assuming that this talking Gudetama will probably be the size of a small rotisserie chicken.

The Gudetama will go on sale in Japan in Sanrio stores and their online shop from the 14th of November with a price tag of 3,888 Japanese yen (roughly $35) but no word yet on if it will be available overseas too.

What do you think of this talking, wiggling Gudetama? Cute or just unnerving? Let us know in the comments!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

Starting from $32.50USD

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