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Some of The Cutest Japanese Kitchen Accessories You Can Buy

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In Japan, the word ordinary is not an option. Everything must be extraordinary and cute!  Even in the kitchen, you can give a cute touch to make your kitchen cuter. How? It so simple you just have to buy cute kitchen accessories from Japan. Maybe, for those who love to collect cute items, you feel the urge to redecorate your kitchen and transform it to be the cutest kitchen. From Gudetama to Hello Kitty there a lot of places that provide you with cute kitchen accessories such as Daiso Japan, Bento&co or the license store of each character.

It's super easy to find them, but for your reference, we made a list of 5 of some of the cutest kitchen accessories you can buy from Japan, Let's go and check it! 🤩

Hello Kitty Multi Rack: Touch Our Heart


Spice up your spices with this adorable Hello Kitty Multirack! You can show off your sauces, herbs, and spices in a super simple yet artsy way. We need one of these in our pantry!

Gudetama Fun Aluminum Foil


Nearly every home contains aluminum foil in it, however, does your foil have Gudetama on it? Seal your food with style or make an adorable tin foil hat. Not just cuter but you can have fun with it! YEAH! You can find this one on amazon.

My Melody Baby Food Cutter


Babies need foods that are cut into small pieces to make it easier to swallow, and when every mom has a baby the kitchen gets a little messier than usual.My Melody Baby Food Cutter is the answer to this mess! Even when you are not using it, it makes  your kitchen looks cuter.

Gudetama Apron


When we talk about apron it usually looks normal and simple, but when Gudetama appears whoosh… the game is over. Even though Gudetama is a mascot of laziness seeing him in the kitchen surely made you want to use it for a long time. Please just don't cook eggs with it, he can see it. 😱

Bread Stamps


Bored with a simple sandwich you made at home? We have a solution for you, bread stamps! Not will you make  your sandwich look cuter, you can place it on your table and made it as a decoration. So nice!

They all super cute right? but don't worry there are certainly a lot more items that you can find in Japan just prepare your suitcase to buy them all!

Don't forget, there is actually a lot more characters that can fit in your kitchen. One of them is Pikachu!  Check out our list of the must-have Pikachu items for some inspiration. 

Do you like the list? Or would you add more ? Please let us know in the comments below!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

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