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Do You Know About Cute Bread Art in Tokyo?

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All of you must have heard about cute latte art, right? Latte art is a method of preparing coffee to create a pattern or design on the surface of the latte. But, have you heard about bread art?

Yup, similar to latte art, bread art is a method of making bread that results in a design inside the bread. Yup, you got it right. The design is INSIDE the bread! You need to cut through the bread loaf to discover the cute design hidden inside the loaf. Makes you curious, right? 

This cute bread arts are made by @konel_bread. Being a baking teacher from Tokyo, she creates so many cute bread art that will surely make your stomach growl while your heart screams “CUTE!”. This talented baker makes bread with various designs inside the loaf, starting from fruits, fish, and animal prints until famous characters like Totoro, Pokemon, and Kero Keroppi. Sometimes, she also makes bread designs inspired from her son’s drawings. 

Source: konel_bread

But, do you know how these breads are made? How could there be an adorable design inside a loaf of bread? Don’t miss the explanation below!

These cute breads are made with some separate rolls of coloured dough. Then, these long, rounded pieces of dough are positioned within larger chunks that will form the outer loaf. Since they will puff up into larger shapes as the bread bakes, the baker needs to plan ahead for the way the dough expands so that the result will be as good as planned. Can you imagine the creativity needed to produce these adorable bread arts?

Source: konel_bread

You don’t need to worry about the bright colors used in the design of the bread. Ran, the nickname of the talented baker, uses a combination of all-natural ingredients to create the beautiful color and intricate illustrations for loaves she makes. Some of the ingredients she uses are cocoa, beetroot, and spinach. So, the breads are not only cute, but also healthy! Sounds like a perfect combination, right?

Source: konel_bread

Want to see more of these cute bread arts? Don’t worry! Ran posts the photos and videos of her adorable creations in her Instagram (@konel_bread) and Facebook (Konel Bread)!

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What kind of design you would like to see as a bread art? Mention it in the comments below!

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