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Cat-Friendly Japanese House Designed With Your Feline Friend In Mind

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If dogs are known for their loyalty, cats are known for their owner's loyalty. We want our cats to live their lives to the fullest, we dress them up, we make cat-sized furniture, and now we even have a cat-friendly home so our cats can make the whole house their playground.

Japanese brand Felissimo has collaborated with Wada Kosan – a Japanese condominium developer – taking over two years to build these condos especially for cat owners and their feline flatmates! 

The houses feature a modern design with two floors and stone walls. From the outside, it looks like most of the houses you'd typically find in Japan. Once you step inside, though, you’ll be amazed at what you find!


We all know cats love to climb up in our closets and cabinets, so with that in mind, these condos feature ledges and steps – with clear glass panels – along the walls, giving your cats plenty of vertical space to explore.

Look at those little toe beans! 

The developers put a lot of thought and care into the design, making sure that each ledge was the perfect size for a typical house cat! 

Your feline friend can even share the bathroom! These underfloor litter boxes are next to their human’s toilet, and can be covered from the top to avoid unpleasant odors. 

The stairs leading up to the second floor can also act as a cozy spot for your cats to play hide and seek, or just take a nap. 

Since the concept of this house is to allow cats to easily cohabitate with their owners, you will find that the doors aren’t just for humans! There are lots of little doors sprinkled throughout the house, allowing cats to pass through different rooms just as easily. So cute!

Cat’s are quite curious, and they love to play and stretch their claws…sometimes treating our expensive furniture as a personal scratching post! With this in mind, the walls and the flooring were made especially to prevent marks from any scratches that may happen on accident.


Curiosity could very well kill the cat, and of course, the kitchen is usually the most dangerous room in anyone’s house. To prevent any accidents, the kitchen comes with a lockable window panel so your cat can supervise meal prep while staying safely out of the way! They really did think of everything!

If you’re interested in cohabiting with your cats, you can apply by contacting Wada Kosan Rental Division. 

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