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January Items Lineup

9da46117894e7de9cfa1f8799487742fbc288e77 january 2018 wombat san friends large daruma plushie 0

Wombat-san & Friends Large Daruma Plushie

Happy New Year! This month, we wanted to share a bit of Japanese culture in a kawaii way! The kawaii plushies this month feature the popular characters Wombat-san & Friends that have been transformed in Japanese darumas! A daruma is a figure that is often seen during the New Year season throughout Japan. It was often prayed to for guidance to help complete one's resolutions. We hope that Wombat-san and his friends help you reach your goals throughout this year! Which character did you find in your kawaii box?

C6b6283d4d703fbc238e137a623943851aed0a32 january 2018 disney princess nail clippers 1

Disney Princess Nail Clippers

This year, we hope to help you look your best as you head off to fulfill those resolutions! To do so, we included a kawaii Disney Princess Nail Clipper into your box! This nail clipper is produced by Japanese manufacturer Green Bell, which is known as one of the top three metal cutting good producers in the world! These nail clippers also feature a variety of beautiful Disney Princesses to help motivate you throughout this year! Which Princess did you get?

118863ab9789ffd4860cc3f123945033090c1bfb january 2018 gudetama folk tale food 2

Gudetama Folk Tale Food

Gudetama makes an appearance as a kawaii fusion of traditional New Year Japanese food and folklore! This mythical fusion gives a little bit of cute insight into what is eaten during New Year in Japan and what myths are talked about. This also comes with a piece of gum as a little extra treat! Which mythical Gudetama figure did you get in your kawaii subscription box?

75f15daedfeeeb7058af8f9721ad3ac5d97da1c4 january 2018 marumofubiyori clear file 3

Marumofubiyori Clear File

One of Sanrio's newest characters, Moppu, from the Marumofubiyori series also makes an appearance in this month's kawaii box! This time he is on a clear file that we hope can help keep your goals organized as you head into this new year! This helps make a perfect set with the Moppu pencil and eraser from last month's box! What will you use your clear file for?

Cec04b9f2deb92c8ac7f78d46effd64137aa08bd january 2018 disney tsum tsum cute calendar 4

Disney Tsum Tsum Cute Calendar

With a new year comes all the new possibilities, and so you'll need somewhere to mark all those down! This kawaii Disney Tsum Tsum Calendar is perfect for those who love to plan and make fun schedules! As a cute addition, your calendar also comes with tons of kawaii stickers so you can easily mark those special days coming up. How will you fill up your calendar in the coming months?!

A14e66ca5c1185c65a70840eb29696ddd427409f january 2018 bread animal squishies 5

Bread Animal Squishies

We love delicious looking (and smelling) squishies, and this month's kawaii squishies do not disappoint! These kawaii animal squishies are made in the image of tasty bread that is often found in Japanese bakeries! If you take a sniff, you will notice it also smells like fresh baked bread! A ball chain is attached so you can safely take this around with you wherever you go! Where will you go with this yummy squishie?

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