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Cinnamoroll Roll Plushie

Cinnamoroll is here to help bring you lovely memories for years to come! This kawaii roll plushie can be stacked with the past two Sanrio Roll plushies for a cute display. If you feel sleepy while hanging with Cinnamoroll, don’t fret, for you can also use him as a cute pillow! Are you ready for all the new memories with your plushies?

5b0893c55f3c3bfa16de12105e83aede1a45307f june 2018 shining clear case 1

Shining Clear Case

Everyone has plenty of kawaii treasured mementos, accessories, and other items that we don’t want to lose. To help with that, this sparkling clear case has been included in your box! You can feel at peace knowing your important moments are safe inside this kawaii box. This box comes in 7 possible designs. Which character design did you get?

D7cb3bde448a97121982fedc750f86ff79ec6564 june 2018 ice cream kuritaro puffy stickers 2

Ice Cream Kuritaro Puffy Stickers

Ice Cream Kuritaro Puffy Stickers Want to make your nostalgic scrapbook pages, letters, or journals cute? We know we would and this month's kawaii stationary is perfect for this! These puffy stickers from the popular Ice Cream Kuritaro series would make any of those super kawaii. They even have a sweet scent to make your cherished memories even sweeter! How will you use these stickers?

E884204e8cec60be7970a4157a5af2031f5b79fb june 2018 water manju squishy 3

Water Manju Squishy

The squishy in this month’s box is a fun, incredibly squeezable water manju squishy! A water manju is a translucent mochi dessert in Japan. These squishies mixes these desserts with cute animals for a completely kawaii result. There are 8 different designs of these squishies. What color did you get?

3c4ae0ce5cdd20140d8d0360d703ab37ef1dfbf2 june 2018 rilakkuma fragrance clip 4

Rilakkuma Fragrance Clip

Clip those important papers and photos that you want to keep forever together with this kawaii Rilakkuma fragrance clip! This practical item comes in 3 different characters from the Rilakkuma series. It also smells of honey lemon! What will you keep together with this month's kawaii subscription box kawaii clip?

4e3ef57110190ab68da2691becab93c78e2d7d5b june 2018 3 piece animal food clip set 5

3 Piece Animal Food Clip Set

Keep your food fresh and always know the best date to snack on it by with these animal food clips! In your Japan box this month, get these adorable animal clips that are perfect to clip bags closed and you can use their paws to mark when you should finish the food by. Cute and helpful!