YumeTwins September 2020 Giveaway Winners Announced!

01 October 2020 by Selly

YumeTwins' September 2020 Giveaway Winners Announced! ´・ᴗ・`

Hello YumeTwins family!

The winners of YumeTwins’ September Giveaway are finally here! Let's see if you’re one of the 10 winners on the list below *drum rolls*:

Lawrence W

Rachel B

Jane K

Liz M

Robine W

Alissa H

Ana R

Serenity G

Esteves M

Piper G

Congratulations to all winners! You will be contacted soon by our team to claim the prize.

Haven't won yet? Try it again on our next monthly giveaway which will be live soon this month. Don't forget to follow our social media channels and stay tuned for the giveaway post! 💖 Facebook・Twitter・I

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