YumeTwins August 2019 Box Theme Announcement!

01 July 2019 by Bfe0564fe461590599806593ca5cff25007d41d7 1 34941 Melissa

Happy Summer YumeTwins family!

When the sun is out and the weather’s great a picnic in the park with our closest friends is our go to activity! What better way to enjoy a lovely summer picnic than with our favorite Studio Ghibli character, Totoro? This month we want you to take along Totoro to your picnics! We have put together a selection of kawaii picnic supplies we hope you’ll love! Have fun on your Totoro Picnic!

How excited are you for this theme? Let us know how much YOU love Totoro in the comments!

Like every month we also have our photo contest that you’ll be sure to have fun in taking part in, and of course you’ll have the chance to win kawaii prizes straight from Japan and a FREE YumeTwins kawaii box in doing so!

Plus, we have our massive Yume Prize full to the brim of kawaii goodies that are worth over $500!! In order to have a chance to win, all you need to do to is be an active YumeTwins subscriber so be sure to join the YumeTwins family if you want to win! It’s full of adorable character goodies this month! Ensure you sign up by July 31st to get this amazingly kawaii Totoro box!!!

For sneak peaks of the amazingly cute items in this box as well as special giveaways, news and more be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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