New shipping add-ons available for your Yumetwins box!

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Hi Yumetwins fam! 
We have GREAT NEWS! Now you can power up your subscription with our NEW tracking and insurance add-ons!

Due to popular demand, we're introducing a way to get tracking numbers so you always know exactly where your box is! Not only that, have a peace of mind knowing that your box can also be insured against loss or damage. No more sleepless nights worrying about your Japanese goods! YAY!

Should I opt in for tracking?

Your Yumetwins box embarks on a long journey from Japan to your country, so to anticipate the excitement of receiving your box, opt in for a tracking number so you can know its whereabouts at all times!

On top of that, depending on your country, you may also be eligible for faster shipping (2 weeks vs the regular 4 weeks delivery time)!

Should I opt in for insurance?

Thousands of Yumetwins boxes are shipped every month safely, but if you need the extra peace of mind, you can now add insurance to your subscription! This means you'll be fully refunded in the case your box is damaged or missing.

Don't forget, insurance isn’t just to protect against potential loss or damage but also to protect against stress. So when in doubt, just insure it!

For the ultimate protection, we're also offering a tracking and insurance bundle for a discounted price.

How do I add these shipping add-ons to my subscription?

For new subscribers, you will be given the option to apply these add-ons to your order during checkout. For existing subscribers, login to your customer portal, go to your subscription and you can apply it from there.

Visit our FAQ for more info!

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