Stay Up to Date With These Cute Ghibli Themed Calendars! 

15 July 2020 by Ragil

Donguri Republic is a Japanese Studio Ghibli merchandise wonderland. They have all types of goods to fulfill any Ghibli fans' needs. Donguri Republic provides Ghibli-inspired clothing, tableware, and even teas. 

If you've watched any Ghibli films, you know that they have the cutest characters in every film. So, when cute designs are inspired by Ghibli you know the items will be extra charming!

Donguri Republic wants you to start your everyday off right, with some kawaii Ghibli goodies! These Studio Ghibli calendars are very cute, useful and eco-friendly, because unlike typical wall calendars that are only good for one year, you can keep using these for a long time.

You can choose from one of these three designs they have. Each of the three designs are based on classic scenes from your favorite Ghibli anime.

They come with “calendar cubes” that can basically be reused forever! You can also freely arrange the cubes however you want, thoughtfully changing the date by hand every day.

You can snag this My Neighbor Totoro calendar - called “Ocarina Concert” - for 3800 Japanese Yen (USD $35.15). Designed like a tall tree, you can arrange the calendar cubes vertically. The cutest thing about this design is that one of your cubes is carried by the determined Chu-Totoro!

The next design - "Early Morning Sales Clerk" - is based on the classic Kiki’s Delivery Service. You can get it for 4500 Japanese Yen (USD $41.64). The design features Kiki herself with her faithful feline friend Jiji, waiting on the bakery's counter. You can arrange the calendar cubes around them however you’d like!

The last design is inspired by an iconic scene from Spirited Away. You can get this one for 3800 Japanese Yen (USD $35.15). The design portrays one of the most recognizable scenes in the movie, with Chihiro and No-Face sharing a quiet moment of reflection on the train. You can arrange the calendar cubes on the luggage rack above, beside Chihiro, and even on No-Face’s lap. How cute!

Have you already decided on which calendar you want to get? If you’re anything like us - and can’t decide - there’s only one solution… we have to get them all! Each of these designs would add a beautiful touch to your desk at home or work. The perfect balance between decorative and practical! 

The calendars are now available both in store at Donguri Kyowakoku or online. However, stock is limited and you aren't able to purchase more than three items per person. At least you don’t have to choose between the three, right? 

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