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New Sailor Moon gachapon is beyond kawaii and less than $3!

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What a great month we've had in kawaii anime related news, with these adorable Pokemon hats for cats coming out earlier in the month and now news of a new Sailor Moon gatcha gatcha series coming out! For those unfamiliar with them, gachapon/gashapon or gatcha gatcha are capsule toys dispensed from vending machines in Japan! There's always new, weird and cute series coming out each month and you can find walls and walls of these vending machines all over Japan, they're super popular!

This month Bandai is releasing this new series of Sailor Moon mini pouches for gachapon machines! It's been a while since Bandai released any Sailor Moon gashapon so we're really excited for this cute new series! There's 6 different designs you can get, and of course because it's gatchapon you don't know which design the machine will spit out at you.

The first design is this adorable Luna pouch… but in fact this design is 2 in 1 because on the back there's Artemis too! Though there's no Diana design which is a little sad seeing as they included both Luna and Artemis. Perhaps they'll release a vol.2 with Diana in the future?

The remaining designs include Sailor Moon's Moon Stick, Transformation Brooch, Crystal Star Compact, cosmetic motif pouch and a ~secret~ design, though being round we're guessing it's probably another brooch or the Silver Crystal. The Moon Stick pouch is the perfect shape and size for putting lipstick,eyelash glue and similar things inside! The other pouches are great for round mirrors, headphones, etc.

The best part is that these pouches only cost 300 yen, that's less than 3 dollars! Though you're not guaranteed to get the design you want so you could end up spending $$ trying to get your favourite design!

But that's not the only Sailor Moon gachapon series coming out! There's also a series of mini art files for 200 yen or less than $2! There's 8 different designs; Sailor Moon, Chibi Usa, Mars and Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, Tuxedo Mask, Uranus and Neptune, Pluto and finally Saturn. That's all the inner and outer senshi (sailor scouts)!

You can find these Sailor Moon gachapon series from the end of January across Japan, and we're almost certain they'll pop up on overseas retail websites like Amazon soon too!

Psst, if you've ever wondered which Sailor Scout you are we have a fun quiz where you can find out which of the inner scouts you're most alike here!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

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