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5 Products Every Kawaii Lover Needs!

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In Japan, kawaii goods is something you'll find everywhere, especially if you're an eagle eyed kawaii lover! Do you know what kawaii means? Kawaii is the culture of cuteness in Japan. Your day will be more colourful and bright if you have kawaii items in your home, room or in your bag for use on a daily basis. There are so many kawaii items in Japan that you can look at; from stationery to t-shirts, you can find the most kawaii items in Japan that will amaze your fellow kawaii-lovers!

Even the people who live in Japan find it difficult to choose what to buy or what to collect because there are too many kawaii options and even they find it hard not to buy everything. You can find many kawaii items on the street like Kiddyland in Harajuku, Shibuya 109 in Shibuya or even in traditional grocery stores. It really is nice to have so many kawaii items on your life!

Here's our list of 5 products every kawaii lover needs in everyday basis! ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ

1. Kawaii Stationery

For you kawaii lovers who are still in school or college, or even just you artisting/writer types, you will definitely need these kawaii stationery sets! The kawaii-ness will bring up your motivation to study or work as it gives bright and fun energy for your study desk or room. Find more Japanese Stationery Items here


2. Kawaii Blanket

Who doesn’t love to snuggle on the bed with a blanket all day long? Well, this item will definitely step up our snuggle game to a whole new level of kawaii-ness! This kawaii blanket is included with a cute poncho which will warm not only your body but also your head and will add +1000 to your kawaii level. Bonus point: you can use this even when you’re working in a cold office room!

3. Kawaii Plushie

Plushies are something that can’t be missed for all kawaii lovers! Not only 1, but we have to own at least 3 plushies to feel satisfied, right?😆 We can’t really blame ourselves, can we? Plushies are just soooo kawaii, soft and they can also be used for many things such us our cuddle-buddy or even as room decoration like the rooms shown here!

4. Kawaii Bag

For some people, using simple or fancy bags is a must, but for a kawaii lover? CUTE bags is a must! Look at this Gudetama bag; aside from the cute design, it can also convey our mood (most of the time) pretty well, right? Wouldn’t you like to bring this bag everywhere?

5. Kawaii T-Shirt

Why wear plain t-shirt when you have so many options for a kawaii t-shirt? Checkout the picture below! You can simply add some anime characters pictures or embroidery on your plain t-shirt and make it 10 times more kawaii. Would you wear these kinds of t-shirst?

Already noted them down? It will be fantastic to have them all and change your life to be more Kawaii. Not just that, in Japan there is plenty of character stores like this Sailor Moon Store which will fulfill your desire of Japanese kawaii goodies!

Comment down below what should we discuss next! Or maybe you have other kawaii items in mind  that we should discuss deeper? \(≧▽≦)/

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

Starting from $32.50USD

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