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Top 3 Kawaii Sanrio Craft Ideas!

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Sanrio is a Japanese company designing, licensing and manufacturing goods that focus on Japanese pop culture's kawaii section. All of their characters have their own unique story that over the years has attracted many people's attention.

Here's our list of 3 fun & creative character-inspired DIY projects!

1. DIY Gudetama Egg & Bacon Phone Case 

There are so many ways to make an egg; boiled, baked or raw. But if you look closely eggs are so lazy, or ‘gude gude’ in Japanese…. So meet Gudetama, The Lazy Egg! 

All credits go to Aira Tran

Check out her Youtube Video for a step-by-step tutorial!

Things you will need: Phone Case, PVA Glue, Hot Glue, Cornstarch, Yellow Acrylic Paint, Craft Foam, Color Markers, and Clear Nail Polish

2. DIY Hello Kitty Planter 

Did you know hello kitty was born in the suburbs of London? And has a twin sister? She lives with her parents and Mimmy, her sister, who is her best friend as well. She enjoys baking cookies and making new friends! 

This DIY hello kitty inspired planter shared on Sanrio's official website by blogger Natalie Murphy is a nice addition to your home. Check it out! 

Check out the blog for a step-by-step tutorial!

Things you will need: Old Teacup, White Spray Paint, Succulent, Hot Glue Gun, White Polymer Clay, Paint (Yellow, Red and Black)

3. DIY Plastic Sanrio Characters Shrink Charms 

Not only is this a cool project, but the end result is so cute! It's easy, fun, and they can be enjoyed by everyone. Makes a great project for your family. For any of your favorite Sanrio characters, you can make plastic charms, check out how!

Check out Lorien’s Craft Box Youtube Channel for character inspiration!

Things you will need: Design (Printed Or Electronic) Plastic, Permanent Markers, Baking Sheet And Parchment Paper, Oven, Optional: Pliers, Key Chain Rings, Regular Hole Punch

*On Amazon you can find ready special plastic sheets known as Shrinky Dinks and follow the instructions of the manufacturer, or you can use recycled plastic, but please note if you use recycled plastic make sure that the container is made of #6 plastic. Shrinky Dinks are produced of the same material as #6 plastic, polyester! Other plastics may not work best or at all.

(Look for this symbol on any plastic container you decide to use, #6)

Step 1: If you are using a recycled plastic container, cut it out using scissors into flat pieces of sheets or grab one of the Shrinky Dinks sheets. Also, get your character design ready, you can either print them out or use an electronic device. 

Step 2: Place your clear plastic on top of the design to trace it using the permanent markers. Note plastic shrinks to 1/3rd of the original size, the color also becomes more intense as it shrinks. Color just one side of the sheet ; use the scissors to cut it into the shape you want your charm to be after your design is ready. *Don't forget to punch a hole before putting it in the oven if you're planning to attach the charm to something.

Step 3: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit. Place the plastic shape on top of the baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake for approximately 2-3 minutes. Because each oven is different, watch carefully as your plastic should curl up first and then flatten out. For ventilation, leave the windows open or switch the exhaust on. It usually gets more 3-dimensional and 'cleaner' looking when the plastic shrinks.

There you have it! Your own personal plastic sanrio characters!

Optional Step 4: Key chain rings can be attached to the holes you punched to your shape form before. You can even mix resin with glitter and paint it on top of the charm to make it more unique.

You can definitely get as creative as you like with this fun DIY project! Give it to friends and family, use it as stickers or jewelry. There are many other detailed online tutorials so be sure to check them out if you get stuck or have any additional questions.

Think you'll be making any of these crafts? Have we inspired you with others? If so, then tell us what crafty crafts you make in the comments below!

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