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6 Sailor Moon Cafes Are Coming to Japan This Fall!

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After the Sailor Moon Restaurant got your cravings covered in August, LEGS COMPANY LTD has announced that they will open six Sailor Moon cafes simultaneously in Fall 2019. Are you guys excited?!

Since the Sailor Moon Cafe in 2017 was a huge hit, they are now planning to launch a new Sailor Moon Cafe this year with the concept of “Girls Night Out”. This concept refers to some of the dishes that will be only available at dinner time, which surely satisfy ladies on a night out. These Sailor Moon cafes will not only be open in Tokyo, but also in Osaka, Nagoya, Hokkaido, Fukuoka, and Saitama prefecture, one for each area.

Now, let’s see the menu line-ups which will be served in all six Sailor Moon Cafes!

Moonlight Risotto

The risotto is shaped like a crescent moon and is made with delicious cheese for added creaminess. This dish is accompanied by four Inner Sailor Senshi symbol decorated sauces, and comes with a salad as the side dish. How pretty is this?

Tortilla Wrap Plate

Which heroine is your favorite from Sailor Moon? Can’t choose one? Well, this dish has got your back since all of the Sailor Senshi heroines are represented in the Tortilla Wrap Plate, dressed with a green leafy salad and cherry tomatoes. Sadly, this dish is not available in the Saitama location.

Maiden’s Lunch Pancake

The crescent moon and rabbit-shaped pancake dish is only available during lunchtime. It has fruit salad as dressing with a few strips of bacon.

Now, moving on to the dinner-exclusive dishes, there are:

Girls Night Out Chicken Steak

This one is decorated with Sailor Moon symbols, doesn’t it look pretty?

Girls Night Out Lasagna

The Sailor Moon Lasagna has a touch of cinnamon, not to forget the symbols of our heroines on the sides as well.

Cosmic Heart Berry Sandwich

This berry sandwich which has strawberry and blueberry as its dressing is shaped beautifully as the Cosmic Heart Compact! How pretty is this?

Haruka and Michiru Night Drive Parfait

Made from pistachio ice cream and mint gelatin, this parfait perfectly represents the romantic relationship between Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

Speaking of Sailor Moon parfaits, you can order single-character parfaits saluting Sailor Moon’s mentor cats:

Luna Mini Jar Parfait

Any Luna fans here? You can order this Luna Mini Jar Parfait served with vanilla ice cream and grape gelatin.

Artemis Mini Jar Parfait

The Artemis character Mini Jar Parfait is served with almond tofu, like a sweet almond flavored pudding almost. Sounds like such an interesting flavor, doesn't it?

Diana Mini Jar Parfait

The apple gelatin is the main star in this Diana character parfait. Have you tried apple gelatin before?

Moon Knight Parfait

An exclusive, you can only order this parfait at dinnertime. It’s inspired by Tuxedo Mask’s Arabian Knights phase.

There’s also a recreation of the apple pie made by Usagi Tsukino, paying homage to Sailor Moon episode 18:

You can also pick one of their non-alcoholic cocktails which you can see from the pictures below:

Each cafe from all of the branches will also have an exclusive gift shop which is selling merchandise and goodies such as notebooks, clear files, smartphone cases, and dishware. You can also visit the Sailor Moon Store in Tokyo to get even more exclusive and rare merchandise of your favorite heroine.

Since the cafes will prioritize reservations over walk-ins, we strongly recommend that you visit the official website and maybe get a reservation booked first before going to the cafe. Would you participate in a ladies night out to the Sailor Moon Cafe?

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